When Resellers and Suppliers Communicate - Everyone Wins


Resellers connect with suppliers and product catalogs in one platform. Easily manage pricing, promotions and discounts. Send quotes, get paid and submit orders for fulfillment in minutes anywhere!

Quote and order status is always updated and available for anytime access.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers connect all resellers without channel conflict. Easily share leads, streamline order-intake and eliminate manual sales reporting using the online dashboard.

Each independent sales organization connects securely to independently manage their own business.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses can be better and compete more effectively without the paperwork. Splash Quote-to-Cash is designed for the small business — simple, affordable and mobile.

We understand how valuable your time is and our easy turn-key deployment will get you set-up and trained in days, not months.e their own business.

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