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The number one priority for independent sales professionals is closing the deal. And yet, they can spend up to 35% of their time on tedious, repetitive and often manual administrative tasks. In the past few years, an innovative new segment of software has emerged to address these administrative burdens called “quote -to -cash” (“Q2C” for short) — and enterprise companies have largely enjoyed the competitive advantages it offers, from better buying experiences to ultimately higher revenues and profitable growth.

For independent sales reps the quote -to -cash (Q2C) process alone can have up to a 50% impact on total sales and increased customer satisfaction.

However, “enterprise” quote -to -cash (Q2C) systems are costly, complex to use and implement and are not designed to meet the needs of an independent sales professional or small business.

This paper will explore how powerful modern quote -to -cash (Q2C) software aimed at independent sales professionals can significantly close the gaps in driving productivity.

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