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What results will I actually get from this?

The Splash SX is a sales machine – less labor and more sales.  Splash SX sales automation and real-time pipeline reporting will save you and your team valuable time to sell more. Plus, it provides the technology infrastructure to easily expand your business, if you choose.  Potential ROI 100X, more organized, better communication and less stress.

Is Splash SX a CRM?

Splash SX a stand-alone sales automation platform for sellers.  It automates the sales tasks that happen between CRM and ERP/Accounting.  Splash SX may be used as an extension to your CRM.  As an option, API integration with your current CRM and/or accounting system is available.

How do I know your solution will work for me?

If you are a high-volume sales professional, value your time and would like to grow your business – generate > 12 sales transactions (quotes/orders) per month/rep > $100 each, then Splash Q2C is a score.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

What does it integrate with?

Splash SX is uniquely a comprehensive stand-alone platform.  However, the Splash SX API is available to easily integrate with most business software applications.  EDI connection with distribution platforms is also available.

How much does it cost?

We charge an affordable flat fee per user/month. Potential ROI 100X. Plus, be better organized and have less stress.

What are typical contract terms?

For your convenience, choose to pay annually or quarterly.  Service may be canceled anytime. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

How long does it take to get set-up?

Depending how quickly we receive your product and user information, but typically two weeks.

How complicated is this software? How long will it take to learn?

Splash is built for sales reps. It is intuitive to learn and easy to use. End-users are trained in under two hours.

Will using Splash SX interrupt my current sales operation?

No, Splash SX is a stand-alone platform that does not require integration and will not interrupt your current operation.  Your system will be setup and users can start using it anytime

Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?

As a value-added reseller (VAR) for over 20 years, we know the pain of doing it all – costing valuable time and potential sales.  As a solution to our sales administrative burden we developed Splash SX.

Who are you guys anyway?

We are entrepreneurs that were once CRM resellers (VARs).  We have over 20 years of experience in the CRM software and consulting industry.  We have worked with hundreds of small and mid-sized sales organizations and know the pain of manual sales tasks.

What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

Splash SX is a sales machine that saves sales teams time by automating routine sales tasks and provides a complete sales traffic management platform and central sales communication hub.  We have over 10 years of successful experience using this technology.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Can we use Splash SX to only quote?

Yes. Choose the functionality that meets the needs of your business.  You can expand functionality if you need anytime.

What if we don’t send quotes and only want to more easily process orders with our supplier(s)?

No problem. Orders may be submitted directly through Splash SX for easy processing and management.

What if a quote or order requires management approval?

No problem. Approval processes are defined using Splash SX workflows.

What pricing methods does Splash SX support?

We support several pricing methods, to include fixed, tiered, volume, % markup, bundled, custom.

How easy is it to update products and pricing?

It’s simple. Administrative users may update products and pricing directly or by importing routine updates using the Splash SX product import function.  API/EDI connection direct to suppliers is an option.

Can I use Splash SX from my phone?

Yes, you can access and execute sales transactions from any PC, iPad or mobile device.

What exactly am I signing up for? What are the features and benefits?

Splash SX is a SaaS sales machine that will radically save you time so you can grow sales.  Sellers easily configure and electronically send quotes to customers – invoice/payments and orders are automatically processed by the customer, with a click.  The Splash SX Communication hub manages your sales transactions, provides real-time sales pipeline reporting, and connects multi-channel operations.  All from ONE platform.

What happens if I wait?

Resellers have unlimited earning potential — a primary constraint is time. Waiting will cost you time and potential sales.

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